My dream OM-D is a cheap toy

Dear All,

I expected so much when I bought my OM D 5 in july 2012. A year and a month later, after a normal use, my camera is already showing signs that it is not so reliable. If the camera takes good pictures, it is a fragile item that cannot be used as a reflex camera should be used.

This camera did not fall on the floor but just by carrying the camera with the strap around your neck will get parts lost, broken....very sad for a camera that expensive.

I have used reflex bodies in the past (film 24 x 36) and other brands (CANON, NIKON...) and have never seen an external body that has parts getting off that easily. It is just a misconception. Sorry for Olympus but don't buy it. I am so disappointed...

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My OMD is cheap and fragile

EVF rubber is gone

EVF plastic is broken

Button gone Waterproof too

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